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Merry Meet And Welcome!

Hello and thank you for visiting. My name is K. Moone. This website was created by Morgan Moonstone in 1994. I have taken up the task of running the site and welcome any help from the community. :)

The Witch's Brew offers free spells, readings, advice, information about magickal correspondences and more. /span>

You can read up on the laws and rules of witchcraft, animal familiars, the Goddess and God, witchcraft herbs and many more interesting topics.

Thanks for stopping by ...

Pull up your broom and sit a spell...

Welcome to the Brew

Welcome to the Witch's Brew
Come sit by our hearth fire.
We welcome both the young and old
To explore, to seek and inspire.
We are the oldest Wiccan site,
The first to grace the Web
And we have watched, with happy hearts,
The spiritual flow and ebb.
We offer to you many sights,
Our knowledge we gladly share.
We only ask to see with your heart,
With respect and care.
If you wish to find like minds,
Then Weave the Web with us.
Join in and meet new friends
In perfect love and trust.
If it be knowledge that you seek,
Then please do browse around.
Look within Brew's Q & A
Where answers can be found.
The Journal of Wisdom is our tome
Containing enlightenment.
Within each issue from the past
We share our wise intent.
Seeking to awaken
Your poetic inner muse?
Visit Moone, our pagan bard,
And all her works peruse.
By joining our Birthday Club,
You may find your astro twin.
Come celebrate the blessed birth
Of all our witchy kin.
If an opinionated witch you are,
Take a look at Witch's Brew Asks,
Or chat it up in the Forums
And put your opinion to the task.
Searching for that magickal gift
For a certain seeker or sage?
Then wander about in Brew's Bookstore
To find gifts for any age.
Enjoy the Brew? Thank FyreMoon,
Our beloved host.
We salute your generosity
As we raise our cups in toast!
Not sure if that magickal name is right for you?
Not a clue of how to find out?
Then use our program to discover a way
To 'figure' your dilemma out.
Curious about the animal world,
How they associate to you?
Then look within our animal pages
To discover the magick they imbue.
Tired of the tunes on the radio
And the same old media mess?
Check out Wiccan sounds and software
Plus our BOS.
Can't find what you're looking for?
The Purple Pages can help you out.
Listed within are many links
For you to search and scout.
Have a site to link to us?
Join the Brew's Topsite 100.
You may even receive our Purple Rose Award,
Just in case you wondered.
If you like the Brew,
So we can continue
To share our knowledge with you.
Most important, please remember
In your hearts instill
The age old wisdom,
" An' it harm none, Do what thou will."
Light and love to each of you,
Light and love times three.
May Goddess keep you safe from harm.
Merry part and Blessed be!

Many thanks to my Sister Moone for this wonderful poem!!
Be sure and visit her Site


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